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    Ritual to attract money with incense


    A simple ritual to attract money with incense

    There are times when the simple is sometimes the most practical, as we propose in this ritual to attract money with incense, where the main thing is concentration, meditation and see clearly the opportunities that the universe offers for you. Think clearly about your goal, visualize it and keep it in mind when you want to do this simple and useful ritual.

    Necessary elements to perform the ritual to attract money with incense

    To perform this simple ritual you will need the following elements:

    • 1 incense burner.
    • 1 sandalwood incense stick

    Execution of the ritual to attract money with incense

    • Concentrate and put your mind in a state of meditation, and light the incense. Remember that it must be sandalwood, since sandalwood is closely linked in white magic with the power to attract money quickly.
    • Focus on feeling happiness and love in your heart, and that in that happiness is included the money you want to attract.
    • Imagine with all your strength that your desire comes true, putting all the details you can in your visualization.
    • When you are feeling within yourself that your wish will truly come true, repeat the following phrase 10 times in a row:

    "Magical herbs are burned in the fire, bring this desire to my heart."

    It is really necessary to emphasize that, as in any ritual and spell, the power of visualizing yourself making that wish come true, doing the actions that we would do if we obtained that wish, is totally fundamental at the time of thinking and having clear what to do during the ritual or spell. Without that property to see you really as you have to see yourself doing those things that you so desire, it will be very difficult for the universe to grant you such a thing, since normally the energies converge towards those who really want it with earnestness.

    If you liked this simple ritual to attract money with incense, if you have any kind of doubt about the elements necessary to execute it, or your own execution. If you want to put your own experiences on this ritual, do not hesitate to leave your comments below. We will answer them individually one by one, with all the love of the world that characterizes us.

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