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    Ritual to attract money


    Ritual to attract money

    This is a simple ritual to attract money, in which you only need, in addition to the materials, strength of conviction, concentration and visualization of the objectives to be met. You need a strong dose of visualization of what you want to achieve when performing the rituals, so that they really have the desired effect. We recommend before starting to do the ritual, have your goal clear and not have anything else in mind, so that they take the right strength and face the energy you need towards your own goals.

    Ingredients needed for the ritual to attract money

    To perform this ritual you will need the following elements:

    • 6 golden candles.
    • Olive oil preferably, if you do not have available, any type of vegetable oil.
    • Candlesticks to put the candles or supports to put them.

    Procedure to perform the ritual to attract money

    • This ritual should be done on a Sunday (if that day also the moon is in a crescent, much better).
    • Before lighting the candles, they should be rubbed with a little olive oil so that the golden layer of the candles does not fall and isolate our ritual from the external energies, thus exerting more influence in your favor.
    • While you rub the golden candles with oil, concentrate on your desire to get money urgently, and imagine how that money comes to your hands, visualize yourself with the money, see in your mind how they give you, how you spend, how your bank account has those numbers dreamed.
    • After rubbing the golden candles with oil and visualizing yourself with the money, place the candles in one or several candlesticks or supports, light the golden candles for one hour, and then turn them off.
    • Do this for 6 days in a row, never leave candles burning for more than an hour each day, and you will be surprised when you receive the money you need!

    If you liked the ritual to attract money, if you have any doubt about the ingredients or the process to execute it, if you would like to share your own personal experience, if it has served you for the purposes you expected, or you want to comment on anything , do not hesitate to leave your own comments below. We will respond personally and with all the love of the world to be able to clear your doubts and comments.

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