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    Ritual to find love for life ❤


    Ritual to find love for life

    With this ritual you will obtain the necessary effect to be able to find that love for all the life that will provide you with the sentimental and personal stability that we all long for. It is necessary that you follow step by step and with all the ingredients that we tell you so that the effect will emerge, as well as the repetition that we will tell you next, since if the chain of repetitions breaks at any time during the days that we indicate, it is More than likely no effect will arise.

    Ingredients to perform this ritual to find love for life

    To perform this ritual you need the following ingredients:

    • 1 tray or white plate
    • 1 photo of you as recent as possible
    • Honey
    • 1 handful of basil leaves
    • 1 handful of dandelion leaves
    • 1 white candle
    • 1 piece of red satin ribbon.

    Steps to perform the ritual to find love for life

    Once you have the necessary ingredients, the steps to follow to perform this rite to find love for life are these:

    • On the tray or white plate place your photo, and on the sides of it, the basil and the dandelion.
    • Cover everything with honey and in one corner put the white candle tied with three turns of the red satin ribbon.
    • Light the white candle and imagine finding love, that ideal person you've always wanted to have by your side to make the days easier and happier.

    You must keep in mind to repeat this ritual to find love for a lifetime during 7 days in a row, since otherwise, as we discussed earlier, it is very likely that the chain will be broken and you will not be granted the favor that we all long for. Remember, repeat during 7 days in a row.

    If you liked this ritual to find love for life, have any questions, or simply want to discuss the results, leave your comments below and we will answer without any commitment.

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