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    Ritual to Increase opportunities to do Business


    Ritual to increase opportunities to do business

    This ritual to increase the opportunities to do business is really ideal if you want to increase the efficiency of your sales and the possibilities of reaching a larger number of customers, both at the beginning of your business or for the current one, in the case that you already have a business. It is really simple and practical to be able to execute it, follow these steps to be able to have all the power that this simple ritual gives you.

    Material necessary to do this ritual to increase opportunities to do business:

    • 1 candle orange or gold.
    • 1 plant (the one you like most and combine with the decoration of your business).
    • 1 handful of poppy seeds.
    • 1 natural container.
    • 1 glass with water (mineral would be suitable for its conductivity, but can also be used from the tap).

    Realization of the ritual to increase opportunities to do business:

    It is important the execution of the steps that we indicate, both in the day of the week that we say, and the steps to follow, since otherwise this powerful ritual could lose part or all of the effectiveness. Follow our steps strictly to get the most out of the ritual we offer you.

    • On Thursday and with a crescent moon, in the third hour of darkness, light the orange or golden candle.
    • Place the plant you have chosen and the glass with water in front of the orange or gold candle.
    • Put the handful of poppy seeds in a natural container.
    • Additional note: If you are looking for opportunities for an existing business, put an object that represents it (a business card, a letterhead or something similar that indicates the name of the company) next to the orange or gold candle.
    • Say loud and confident:

    "I invoke the power of Jupiter and the energy of manifestation.
    I open the space so there are ample business opportunities with which to create abundance and prosperity. "

    • Now plant the poppy seeds in the pot of the plant and water it, continue saying:

    "I participate in the flow of infinite abundance, I declare that I feed everything I sow.
    With all intention in pursuit of the greater good.
    And I say, so be it and that's the way it is. "

    • Turn the candle off in a single breath.
    • Take care of the plant until it dies.

    If you liked this ritual to increase the opportunities to do business, if you have any doubt about any of the steps or any of the ingredients, if you want to tell us how your personal experience has gone or tell us if you were successful with this ritual, Do not hesitate to leave your comments. We will respond personally with the intention of giving you all our help.

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