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    Ritual to call money with sugar


    Ritual to call money with sugar

    This ritual to call money with sugar is a simple and quick ritual in which the main ingredient is sugar, that sweet element which, in esotericism, is used among other things, to attract money quickly and effectively, attracting both customers and opportunities to increase the volume of assets in our accounts from different sources, depending on the energy that surrounds us at the time, both can be lotteries and raffles, as unsuspected inheritances, money transfers that were not expected or any kind of scope.

    Then we show you how to perform this simple ritual to call money with sugar, you just have to follow our instructions.


    The ingredients to perform this ritual are the following:

    • Sugar.
    • 1 container.
    • 1 legal tender of any currency you have on hand.

    Steps to follow and recommendations for the ritual

    The steps to follow to make this ritual to call money with sugar are the following:

    • This ritual should be performed on a full moon night, like many of the spells and rituals that we discussed in this blog, since the energy that the full moon takes from the whole growing phase is crucial to give more strength to our spells and rituals.
    • Take the container and fill it with sugar
    • Put into the container, filled with sugar, the legal tender
    • Put the container with the sugar and the bill in a place where it is giving the light of the full moon.
    • Leave it there until the new moon, and you will see how the money you need appears in your life soon.

    Another variant of this ritual to attract money is to put in a glass honey and water, in equal parts, and submerge 3 coins, following the same advice in the position and the moment that we commented for the ritual that we have just done.

    If you liked this ritual to call the money with sugar, you have any questions about the ingredients or the steps to follow, if you want to comment on your own experience doing this ritual or just want to tell us your experiences, leave your comment below this entry. We will answer you personally to answer your questions or any questions you may have.

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