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    Ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money


    Ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money

    With this ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money you will be able to see how, performing a few simple steps, you will be able to see your money increase in the way you need for that goal that for some reasons or others is continuously escaping you from the hands. It is necessary to visualize the exact amount or the most approximate that we need so that this favor is really granted to us, since otherwise the universe will indicate us of greedy and, possibly, we can have effects somewhat adverse. Dare to dream, do not be afraid of it, but of course it is necessary to understand that you are also not the only one in the universe asking for these favors.

    Ingredients needed for this ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money

    You will need for this ritual the following list of elements:

    • A green candle (no matter the size).
    • A small plate
    • A brown paper bag.
    • A pencil

    Step by step process of the ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money

    Follow the steps that we strictly indicate, especially the one of visualizing you with that amount of money and no more or less, it is important the self-control and the imagination to see you realizing that project or purpose for which you need that money.

    • Take the brown paper bag, cut a piece, and write in it the amount of money you need and the reason you need it. Do not be greedy, and write only the amount needed.
    • Fold the paper in half and place it on the plate.
    • Light the candle and put it on top of the paper.
    • While the candle is lit, imagine yourself with that money you need already in your hand. Do not think about the future, imagine it right now. Keep visualizing until you feel happy, and let the candle burn.
    • When the candle has been consumed, collect the remains of the wax and paper, put them in another bag (it can be made of airtight plastic) and hide it in a place in the secret house where no one can find it.

    Following these small steps you will find in a few days a more economically comfortable situation that will allow you to fulfill the project you so longed for and for which you needed that money.

    If you liked this ritual to obtain a necessary amount of money, if you have any doubt about the steps or the ingredients to use, if you want to ask us any kind of thing, or you wish to leave us your own personal experience, leave your comments in the section below. We will answer them one by one personally with all the love in the world.

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