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    Rituals of the night of San Juan


    Rituals of the night of San Juan

    The rituals of the night of San Juan They are the most powerful throughout the year since it is one of the most special moments of the year as well. It is a time where we are closer to reaching the cosmic energy so we can take advantage of it for the elaboration of special spells that will help us improve certain aspects of our life.

    For this I have prepared a collection of the best rituals in the night of San Juan, which are also very easy to make and can be done with materials that we have at home.

    If you follow the steps correctly you will be able to observe how its effects come a short time.

    Ritual with salt water in the night of San Juan

    The night of San Juan is characterized by being the longest of the year. It is a moment where the energy is in its maximum fullness so it is convenient to perform some special rituals to improve our luck in what remains of the year.

    The "ritual with salt water in the night of San Juan is well known" Best of all, there are many people who do it, although they are not fully aware of it. It looks more like a tradition or a game but it is much more than that: it helps to improve certain aspects of our life in a spectacular way.

    How to do the ritual with salt water on the night of San Juan?

    Fire break

    The first step of "Ritual with salt water in the night of San Juan" It is the jump of the bonfire. This can also be very fun.

    It is important to relax and have fun. If you see that the flame is very agitated or very high, you should not try to jump to avoid accidents. The best thing is to wait for the right moment to do it.

    While you do it you have to think about all the negative things that you have lived so far this year. Those thoughts will come out of your mind and be burned at the stake to give way only to the positives.

    Salt bath

    When you have finished the previous step, you should go immediately to take a dip in the sea water. If this is not possible, you can only put your feet in.

    You can also change the bathroom on the beach for one in your house. Fill the bathtub completely and add salt. Then take a bath that lasted about 15 minutes and you will have purified all those negative energies in the same way that you would have done it on the beach.

    Ritual of the candles in the night of San Juan

    Ritual of the candles in the night of San Juan. If you have ever done some kind of ritual with candles you will know that each of them has a very special meaning. Depending on the color used, it will enhance one aspect of our life or another.

    One of the best moments to do this type of spell is on the night of San Juan. It is the longest night of the year so the white energy flows in a very special way, within the reach of anyone who wants to channel it.

    Dear friend, I propose that you do the following candle ritual on the night of San Juan.

    Ritual of the candles in the night of San Juan according to the color

    We will only need one candle.

    It must be turned on exactly at 12 at night. Make sure you do not lose sight of her at any time. Concentrate on the flame and ask San Juan May I grant you the wish you have in mind.

    Meaning of colors

    • Pink colour: This type of candle is used for problems or requests related to love.
    • Green color: If you want to improve your working relationship or something that has to do with business or money, this is your candle.
    • Color blue: Related to issues of prosperity. Also to find peace in the case of having lost someone very recently.
    • Green color: For problems related to health or prevention of the appearance of serious diseases.
    • Red color: Related to passion or to encourage people who may be depressed.
    • Yellow color: To improve aspects related to intelligence.
    • Violet Color: Related to the change. A good ally in case we do not have to face difficult situations.
    • White color: Sail to get peace and tranquility. You can accompany all the previous ones.

    Ritual to attract love in the night of San Juan

    Ritual to attract love in the night of San Juan. The night of San Juan is an ideal time to try to find love. However, it is possible that he will not come to us spontaneously ... sometimes he needs a little "nudge" to appear.

    That's why, my friends, I want to offer you a little Ritual to attract love in the night of San Juan that works in the vast majority of cases. For this we must have an absolute faith in these types of rituals and be able to relax in order to channel the white magic in our body.

    Ritual to attract love in the night of San Juan with red candles

    What do we need?
    • Newe need 2 red candles
    • Also a sheet of white paper and a pencil to write
    • Lavender, yarrow, ginger, verbena and some rose petals.
    • Water
    How do we have to prepare it?

    East "ritual to attract love in the night of San Juan"It has to be put into practice before the 00: 00.

    We light the two red candles and place them in front of each other. We take the paper folio and write the letters "A" and "G" (in clear reference to Alma Gemela).

    We put a pot to heat with water. We wait for it to boil and we add the sheet of paper (that previously must have been doubled a couple of times). When it takes a few minutes we will add lavender, ginger and yarrow. We also remove and add the rose petals.

    We let this mixture cool and we clean our entire room with it.

    From that moment you will increase your chances of finding love.

    Ritual of money in the night of San Juan

    Ritual of money in the night of San Juan. We live in times when money is badly needed and we can not save enough to face problems in the future. I want to help you with this problem by offering you a special money ritual in the night of San Juan.

    Dear friends, this type of ritual I usually use when you come to me with problems related to money. As you can see, it works perfectly and in just a few days you will get the results.

    Anyone can do it but it is important that you follow the steps correctly and that you respect the order of the introduction of the ingredients in the ritual.

    Ritual of money in the night of San Juan to get it very quickly

    Ingredients that you need
    • Jasmine Incense
    • A special perfume for you
    • A green cord and a golden cord
    • A piece of image
    • A gold coin
    • A yellow candle
    • Golden glitter
    • Ash of any bonfire of San Juan
    How do I have to prepare it?

    The first step to do this "money ritual on the night of St. John" is to light the yellow candle and the incense.

    Take the green cord and knot seven knots with your mind in mind to get that extra money you need.

    Form the following spell:

    "By the forces of this magical night, I tie the money to me."

    We throw half of the glitter in the air and let some of it fall on you.

    In a small bag you must put the magnet, part of the glitter, ash, the gold coin and the green cord. Then knot it with the gold and carry that bag with you always to attract the money wherever you go.

    If you have liked these rituals of the night of San Juan, if you have any doubt about the materials or ingredients used in each of the rituals, if you have any doubt about the steps to take in each of the rituals discussed, or If you want to comment your own personal experience on the rituals that you have written here, you have at your disposal below the comments area, where you can leave your questions, comments or experiences, which we will answer individually and personally with all the love and understanding that It characterizes us.

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