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    Rituals for Christmas Eve

    We are going to talk about the rituals for Christmas Eve, for Christmas, since it is one of the most special moments of the year. And we are going to take advantage of it for the elaboration of special spells that will help us improve certain aspects of our life.

    For this I have prepared a collection of the best rituals on Christmas Eve, which are also very simple to make and can be done with materials that we have at home.

    These rituals must be performed prior to the 18: 00 of the 24 day of December (Christmas Eve).

    Rituals for Christmas Eve

    If you follow the steps correctly you will be able to observe how their effects arrive in a short time.

    Ritual of Christmas Eve ribbons


    • A yellow ribbon, a green ribbon, a pink ribbon (the length of the strips should be calculated that when you braid them you can tie them to your waist).


    • Start to form a braid with the ribbons and repeat the following sentence until it ends:

    "The braid that I am knitting on this Christmas day is a symbol of love, health and money so that they never fail in my home."

    • When finishing weaving the braid, tie it to your waist and stay with it all that night. Then you can hang it behind the door or store it in a piece of furniture in the main room of the house.

    Purification Ritual


    • Coarse salt.


    • The night before Christmas Eve (23 of December) we should spread thick salt in all corners of the house (specifically in the corners of the walls) to purify ourselves energetically since that is where the vibrations of those who inhabit it do not flow and concentrate, that is why its accumulation is negative.
    • Then, on the morning of December 24, the salt is swept away by dragging it to the door and thrown out of the house, freeing us from the burden and negative energies of the year that is ending.

    Energy Ritual


    • Vaporizer
    • Water
    • Sugar
    • Cinnamon
    • 3 white candles
    • Seeds or Legumes.


    • After performing the Ritual of Purification, fill a vaporizer with water, a few tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle each room of the house.
    • Then, prepare as a centerpiece table full of legumes or seeds, and place among them the three white candles. The seeds represent the year that is about to be born and the white candles are the purifying element.
    • This centerpiece should be left on during the day and turn off at 18: 00 hours, since it is from that hour that the preparation of the table with different candles for the night should start.


    We will perform these rituals after the 18: 00 on December 24 - Christmas Eve

    Ritual of Love


    • Pink underwear and must be given by another person or a family member


    • Single women in the family should wear pink underwear to get a partner next year.

    Ritual of Heartbreak


    • Large container
    • Water.


    • To avoid sorrows of love and forget an old romance, leave all Christmas Eve in a window or patio a large container with water and throw it out of the house after the 24: 00.

    Energy Ritual


    • Large Cardboard Bag
    • Rice
    • Four small painted stones:
      • Yellow 1
      • 1 red
      • 1 green
      • 1 unpainted.


    • To find out what next year will bring, fill the big cardboard bag with rice and four small stones: one painted yellow, one red, one green and the fourth unpainted.
    • When the twelve o'clock, pass from diner to diner. Each one must remove a stone, look at the color that touched him and put it back into storage.
      • The stone painted yellow, augurs money and prosperity.
      • The red stone, romance in door or that the current couple endures.
      • The green stone, good health and birth.
      • The stone that is unpainted augurs success in everything, that is why it is the luckiest.
    • For the augury to be fulfilled, it is not necessary to say what color it touched.

    Ritual of Prosperity


    • A red candle
    • A green candle
    • A golden candle
    • Mistletoe leaves
    • Bay leaves.


    • Assemble a centerpiece with the three candles (red, green and gold) surrounding them with the leaves of mistletoe and laurel.
    • Turn them on as soon as dinner starts until they are consumed.
    • The next day throw them by a stream of water (river, sea or sewer) and will bring us a year of good health, abundance and love.

    If you have liked these rituals for Christmas Eve, if you have any doubt about the elements, components or ingredients of each of the rituals, you have some kind of doubt about the procedures of any of the rituals indicated, or else you want to explain your experience When doing some of the rituals of Christmas Eve, you have at your disposal the comments area below to tell. We will answer individually and personally to each of the comments, with all the love and attention that characterizes us.

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