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    Meaning of the remains of the candles

    Another oracle that I base a lot is the meaning of the remains of the candles, to know the resolution of my request at the time I perform a ritual or spell with candles, is to look at the remains of wax left by the candles. Sometimes there are no remains and that the only information that gives us, which is very important, is that our request will have a positive resolution for us or for the person who has performed this ritual.

    Many times the figures that are created with the remains of the candles are impossible to interpret, which we have to use our imagination to see some figure that is readable, so I always advise putting the candles on a glass or ceramic base when we go to perform the ritual instead of directly on a table so that you can see the figures that are formed more easily.

    Actually one of the most difficult oracles to interpret is the meaning of the remains of the candles, since in addition to the figures that can be represented in that "seal", we must also take into account the mounds, if they have formed rills or roads while the candle was consumed.

    If you have not read them yet, I recommend you to also see the entries on the Meaning of the colors of the candles and Meaning of the tears of the candles, where you will find really interesting and complementary information to which I give you here, to further strengthen the interpretation about the interpretation of the candles.

    Let's see the figures that are most frequently formed in the remains of the candles.

    Different meaning of the remains of the candles:

    • Mountain of tears. Meaning: Its appearance must be observed, many times we can see a virgin or an angelic figure. Positive result.
    • Pointy shapes, like thorns (not moons). Meaning: There will be difficulties, there are energies contrary to our interests.
    • Clusters of grapes are formed. Meaning: Everything is going well. There will be prosperity. Good health.
    • Faces or drawings of animals. Meaning: We are not using all our strength of concentration, we do not visualize well when performing the ritual.
    • They have detached whole pieces of candle with moon shapes. Meaning: If you look at the horns of the moons on the left there are forces helping us, soon there will be an answer.If the horns look to the right there are forces that are preventing our request.
    • We find pieces of wax outside the container that we have put on base. Meaning: We must carefully observe the piece / s, and we must intuit if the shape of the piece / s that have been detached transmit a positive or negative feeling to us. In the works to fight the evil or negative energies, it is very positive to observe if the detached represents malignant things, if this is what announces that we are breaking the evil.

    On the other hand, in the rituals of petition or to move positive energies, the meaning of the remains of the candles is the opposite, if the piece seems to represent good it means that everything is going well, while if the rest is detached we think ugly or unpleasant, something does not work or there are resistances.

    The flame and the size of the wick is also very important in this oracle, so I include the meaning according to the elongated wicks and flames that I have observed more frequently and their meanings.

    Meaning of the length of the Mecha:

    • The wick of the candle is long. Meaning: good vibrations, there are forces that are helping us.
    • Flame wick is normal. Meaning: The process will be slow.
    • The wick is small. Meaning: Something is not working well, lack of energy.

    Meaning of the Flame of the candles:

    • High flame Meaning: The result of our request will be very positive.
    • Small flame Meaning: We will not get the result we expected from our request. Negative
    • The flame sparks. Meaning: Something is wrong.
    • The flame goes out (we have checked that there is no draft in the room where we perform our rituals). Meaning: It is a sign that we must rethink our objectives or requests and start our ritual or novena again.
    • The flame is bluish in color. Meaning: Our mind or the person we work with is receiving our message.
    • The flame is yellowish. Meaning: Lack of energy in the execution of our request, if this is for another person does not receive or reject our energy.
    • The flame is bright and scarlet. Meaning: We will have immediate results.
    • White flame Meaning: We have superior beings who are coming to our aid or from the person / s to whom we direct the petition.
    • The flame is two colors. Meaning: We must combine the meaning of both colors.

    These would be the most common results, but I also encourage you to make a diary of your rituals, pointing out how the flame was, how your wicks burned and what shapes the remains of the candles had, and note the result of each ritual, so you can take more conclusions of the messages sent to you by the remains of the candles.

    And what happens if there are no remains of the candles?

    It is also possible that some of the remains of the candles that you use for your requests, do not give you any kind of message, you can burn completely without leaving anything, for me it is as if I had not put all my energies as is due to perform my request, even if the candles do not leave remains means that everything will be fine, or in some cases, it is telling us that the resolution of our petition is already in the process of being resolved, and there is no need to perform any ritual or novena.

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