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    The meaning of the color of the candle in the rituals


    The meaning of the color of the candle in the rituals

    In this post we will explain the meaning of the color of the candle, both what personifies each of them and what it represents in the rituals. One of the main tools at the time of performing a ritual or spell, are the candles, as we already know each of the colors they have, serve a specific purpose, so a ritual for love, health, work or money, not we will use the same candle color, just as if we were doing a ritual to protect ourselves from damage received by a ritual of Black Magic.

    In this article I have collected the most usual colors, when making a spell, I will explain the uses, properties and meaning of the colors of the candles, of each of them, so you can use it alone or combining them to use them for different purposes .

    We must bear in mind that performing a spell does not mean choosing the color of the candle and lighting it and that the candle does all the work alone. No, we must ask for what we want (there are different formulas according to the purpose we want to achieve) and we must also be very careful of how we ask for it.

    The meanings most used are:

    meaning of the color of the white candleThe meaning of the color of the white candle

    This color has always been associated with innocence, simplicity and purity. They are the ones that are used most frequently in ceremonies, since they call positive energies such as sincerity and peace.

    Also white is the wild color, that's why it is one of the reasons for being one of the most used, because as we know white is the concentration of all colors, so it contains the energies of all of them, except black .

    Another use of white candles is to purify the environment, help to focus and maintain the mental and emotional balance of the person performing the ritual or you can project this energy to someone who needs it at that time. It also attracts calm and well-being.

    meaning of the color of the yellow candleThe meaning of the color of the yellow candle

    This color we associate with the Sun and light, gives us warmth, kindness and positivity. Yellow helps us to have clarity of thought, that's why they relate it to intelligence and memory. We also associate it with power, wealth and material goods, by reminding us of the color of gold.

    When we light a yellow candle, it is because we ask for help to have greater clarity when we must make a decision, using reason and helping us connect with consciousness. This helps us to reinforce our self-confidence and move forward with our decisions. It also helps that we have more ambition in our personal and professional goals, that we are more creative and that we become more entrepreneurial, and that leads us to seek the achievement of working hard so that the material goods that we desire come to our life. It is a very useful energy especially in the labor and professional field.

    We also use it to ask for the results we want to be fulfilled, and it would be the ideal color of support in a ritual to stimulate the purpose, specifically if it is a ritual of attraction and persuasion.

    meaning of the color of the orange candleThe meaning of the color of the candle Orange

    The color orange is a color of stimulus. We use it to attract people or objects to us and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

    We associate this color with positivity, motivation and optimism. It is a color that stimulates us a lot and attracts joy. It is considered a color for a very short time, since it was considered a mixture of red and yellow colors and was like the combination of the energies that both colors attracted, balancing them and combining the benefits.

    So, the moment we light an orange candle, we are attracted by the strength of the red color and we are attracted by the clarity that the yellow color gives us. Call positive energies, especially those that push us to create and act, helps us to have more motivation and be more creative. I recommend lighting candles of this color to people who are going through a moment of psychic descent so that they can lift their spirits.

    meaning of the color of the golden candle

    The meaning of the color of the golden candle

    The meaning of the color of the candle of this color symbolizes the masculine energy of the fire and sun, we use them normally in rituals to attract luck and achieve victory.

    It also serves to attract wealth because it is the gold color much more represented than the yellowed candles.

    meaning of the color of the pink candleThe meaning of the color of the pink candle

    This color is quickly associated with love, romanticism, sweetness, beauty and emotions. We also relate it to femininity and to women, although for me it is an archaic thought since we all have a feminine and a masculine side, or in other words, femininity is no longer a thing only for women.

    When we light a pink candle we help emotions and feelings flow, it helps us connect with our most human side. Therefore, we will use them in rituals to promote union and friendship. It helps us to stimulate our own emotions, and to represent beauty and perfection, since these emotions help us maintain a balance between physical and mental well-being, so the color pink is one of the colors that favors our health.

    meaning of the color of the red candleThe meaning of the color of the Red candle

    When we see the color red, we associate it directly with fire, love, passion or sexuality. That is why it is a color with great force, it also transmits vitality, and that helps us recharge energy for the remains that life presents us.

    When we light a red candle, it is because we are in a situation where we ask for strength and vitality, either to face complicated and decisive situations in our life, to face some danger or challenge, to overcome our day to day and reach the triumph. If we use it in a ritual of love, the red candle will attract passion and sexuality, it will also help to activate sensuality in the couple.

    meaning of the color of the green candleThe meaning of the color of the green candle

    When we see the green color to our mind, the first thing that comes to us are leafy landscapes, green forests, fertile fields .... So that is what it calls the green color, it attracts the energies of fertility, it helps us to develop and grow, in the same way that it attracts hope.

    The moment we light a green candle, we call the energies that help us balance our mind with our body, those that help us connect with nature and our most primitive part. It helps to attract good vibrations to achieve good health and wellbeing, achieving balance and security, because when waking up that primitive energy makes us feel at home. When we use green candles, we will radiate renewal energies and encourage us to grow and develop personally. It is one of the colors that stimulate self-esteem.

    meaning of the color of the brown candleThe meaning of the color of the brown candle

    Color associated with the earth element, and that's why we associate it with stability and realism. We also associate it with old age, poverty or decline, so I do not recommend it to people who are prone to depression or are very sensitive.

    Instead I recommend it to use it to create very stable environments, as environments for relaxation or meditation, this candle will help us face our fears and overcome them.

    People with a strong character can take advantage of them to do self-knowledge work, to be more constant to move forward.

    meaning of the color of the sky blue candleThe meaning of the color of the Blue Celestial candle

    Color that transmits peace and tranquility. This color helps us for creative expression, to be more understanding and to have more patience.

    It fosters understanding and helps reach agreements, it also helps us to master our emotions. It also favors fostering the links between the members of a family and having much clearer what we want our future projects to be.

    meaning of the color of the blue candleThe meaning of the color of the Dark Blue candle

    The dark blue we consider a cold color, we associate it with tranquility, spirituality and serenity. It helps concentration and reflection, for that reason we use it in rituals to help have a fluent communication with the people we have around us. Another use I make with dark blue candles, is when I have to make a drastic decision, I light a candle, before going to sleep in a safe place and when I wake up I wake up with a decision made.

    When you turn them on you will also attract calm and serenity, it favors to appease tensions when there is a conflict or an argument. As I have already told you, it will help to have a peaceful and fluid communication. In times of great nervousness if we light a candle of this color it will help us to reign harmony and tranquility.

    meaning of the color of the purple or lilac candleThe meaning of the color of the candle Purple or lilac

    The candles of this color are considered as the cosmic candles. To use the color lila is to call to the power, to the ambition, helps to develop the spirituality, the power that we have on other people or to connect with the cosmic conscience.

    This color is associated with wisdom and the mind. It helps balance and calm the psyche, as well as provides transformation and improvement.

    It will stimulate our intelligence, help increase our memory and help us to clear our mind, making it one of the best candles to use when we go to school, as it improves concentration.

    It also favors the renewal of energies and helps release psychological ties, as their energy helps us to establish a deeper connection with our spirit and mind.

    Purple or lilac candles are recommended in rituals to attract prestige and power. When we light them, they make us feel stronger and we dare to face the world and seek success. Although it is not good to use them very often, since we would go from feeling strong to a feeling of tyranny and arrogance, that would throw us back all the work done.

    meaning of the color of the black candleThe meaning of the color of the Black candle

    In the same way that white candles include all the vibrations of other colors, black candles are the absence of all colors, but that does not mean they are negative or that they attract negative energies. On the contrary, they are the best candles to absorb these energies and direct them towards totally positive energies.

    We associate this color with despair, death and darkness. Although we also associate it with elegance, mystery and authority.

    They are often used in rituals to ward off negativity or when we believe that someone has done us a job of black magic. Since it neutralizes these negative energies and transforms them into positive ones, that helps us to control the situation and we do not let the blockages paralyze us the rhythm of our life.

    meaning of the color of the silver candle

    The meaning of the color of the Silver Sail

    The silver color reminds us of the Moon, and for that we use these candles, resonate in the feminine and lunar energy.

    They are commonly used in protection rituals or to help stimulate the imagination.

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