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    The signs of the zodiac and its elements: water, air, earth and fire

    The twelve signs of the zodiac are grouped according to the four elements of traditional astrology: Water, Air, Earth and Fire, representatives of the original energies. These elements symbolize the way in which different energies are integrated into the universe, and that is why signs with the same element have similar personality traits and perceive the world in a particular way. We all connect with the four elements, but one always exerts a predominant influence according to our zodiac sign. Let's see what they are:

    The signs of the zodiac and its elements: water

    WATER: dreamers, sensitive, emotional.

    Cancer: It is the first sign of Water and therefore the most emotional of the zodiac. The Water of Cancer is of spring, sweet and transparent, lover of the family, the home, the tradition. It is governed by intuition and the unconscious.

    Scorpio: Scorpio Water is turbulent and in constant motion. He is always looking for new experiences and answers. Due to its sensitivity, it can have depressive episodes or emotional ups and downs.

    Pisces: Pisces flows in running waters that usually go in the opposite direction. He is dreamy and idealistic, but so emotional that sometimes he can not decide which is the current in which he wants to swim. His nature is contradictory, so sometimes he does not trust his intuition.

    zodiac signs of air element

    AIR: intelligent, communicative and adaptable.

    Gemini: Gemini is ethereal and volatile as his element, so much so that sometimes he seems like an eternal teenager. His mind is constantly flying in reflections and search for knowledge, so it constantly changes and can bewilder those around him.

    Libra: Libra is the Air of gentle wind that caresses and maintains balance. Constantly seeks beauty, harmony and justice, both inside and in the external world. You need to socialize and identify with others.

    Aquarius: Aquarius is a wind of change, connected with wisdom and universal consciousness. His wisdom is oriented towards human ideals, innovation, the search for a better world. Pursue progress and freedom.

    earth element zodiac signs

    EARTH: realistic, materialistic and patient.

    Taurus: Taurus is well rooted in fertile land and security giver. Protect and fight for what is yours, whether material goods or emotional ties. He becomes possessive and stubborn about it. It pursues material well-being and emotional stability.

    Virgo: Virgo treads more in Shifting Lands. It is realistic and constantly pursues order and perfection; however, it does not close and take into account the possibilities of change and movement. Through analysis and reflection, Virgo is transplanted to another Earth if necessary.

    Capricorn: Capricorn is hard, rocky earth, walks on mountainous terrain in its eagerness to ascend and position itself. His ability to survive and his perseverance and determination make him reach the top. Only when it has fulfilled its objectives can Capricorn relax and decompress.

    signs of the element zodiac fire

    FIRE: impulsive, vehement and energetic.

    Aries: Aries is the original Fire, is pioneer, brave and very capable. The energy of Aries is so great that it can generate conflicts, by his rapt and sometimes aggressive way of acting. The Fire of Aries sweeps everything in its path.

    Leo: Leo's flame burns inside him and shines out, which is why the Lion draws so much attention and maintains his status as king of the zodiac. You need to dominate and be celebrated by others. Your pride is what allows you to succeed and never go out.

    Sagittarius: The Sagittarius Fire is the most stable and controlled, it is only stoked when necessary. Meanwhile, he lives in the heat of his optimism, joy and sincerity. Generally he does not get depressed in the face of adversity, because with his intelligence and superior attitude, he knows that everything will be fine.

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