Who are we?

We are a group of friends, who have always had the curiosity and the need to investigate and experiment with the esoteric world, let's say that we are a group of modern wizards and witches, ordinary people who live their daily lives in this world of crazy and that our free time we have invested in studying and training in this mysterious world.
We believe that each person has their [Email protected] inside and that it is only a matter of informing and enhancing that energy.
We are not going to deceive ourselves and we are going to tell you that everything is solved with an abracadabra, but we believe that the esoteric world is a good channel to call for things to improve.
We are also aware that in the society we live in today the words witch or sorcerer, seer, healer are words that carry negative connotations, as they make us think of charlatans who want to make money through the desperation of people who are going through a bad time (Although sadly we all know some example) but if we think coldly, in which profession there are no people who take advantage and are not legal? We also understand that many people are ashamed to say that they believe in the occult because, sadly, in this very technological and scientific society we are labeled and make us look uneducated, silly or simpletons by the mere fact of believing in something that is not tangible, while since time immemorial witches or sorcerers were the wise people of the town; they helped in the births, to cure illnesses or gave advice when someone had doubts.
The objective of this blog is to get closer to everything we have learned and thus exchange opinions, help you answer questions and you can also tell us your experiences, beliefs or perspectives "