What is the meaning of the color of the candles?

What is the meaning of the color of the candles?

Many people light candles as a way to decorate the home or a work space, also to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere or even to aromatize, with candles that give off odors.

But for many years, candles have been used not only for decorative or luminous purposes, but in most rituals of magic, sorcery or meditation. This has been so due to the power that has always been granted to fire, associated with light and heat and, therefore, life and the transformation of things. Metaphorically, many cultures associate the fire element with evolution and purification. Fire sweeps everything and renews it, but it also gives life through its light and heat.


The colors of the candles and their meaning

That is why lighting a candle is a way to connect with this powerful element. But not only the power of fire is important in a candle, but also the choice we make of color. The meaning of colors, in all aspects of our life, is something we can use for our own benefit: painting the walls of a room, choosing our clothes, a car or the design of an advertisement, among many other things. We know that each object emits different electromagnetic waves to our brain depending on its color. Thus, the choice of the color of a candle should not be something only aesthetic, but each color can stimulate us differently, and provide us with very varied sensations.

If you want to know the meaning of the candles according to their color, keep reading this article and you will obtain all the necessary information to know which candle to use at each moment and what benefits each one brings to you:

Meaning of the white candle

The color white has always been associated with purity, innocence and simplicity. White candles are the most commonly used in ceremonies, as they attract positive energies, sincerity and peace.

Another reason to be the candle color most used in rituals, is its wild card characteristic. Actually, white is the union of all colors, so the white candle can concentrate the power of all of them.

Lighting a white candle helps to purify the environment, to find concentration, mental and emotional balance and protect ourselves from negative energies. It brings calm and well-being.

Meaning of the blue candle

The color blue is a cold color, associated with tranquility, serenity and spirituality. It encourages reflection and concentration, so it helps to have a fluent communication with people around.

Lighting a blue candle will bring calm and serenity to the environment, and will help to appease tensions after some conflict or discussion. As we have said, it will favor the fluid and peaceful communication between the people who are in the environment.

They are very beneficial candles that give us moments of peace and harmony.

Meaning of the red candle

The color red is associated with fire, love and sexuality. Therefore, it is a color with great strength and vitality, which provides us with energy to face life and its challenges.

Lighting a red candle increases our strength, activates us and gives us energy to be able to face dangers, challenges or complicated and decisive situations in our life, so it can help us to improve ourselves day by day and succeed. As the color of love and sexuality, it stimulates the sense of pleasure and encourages our sensuality, providing positive vibrations.

Meaning of the yellow candle

The yellow color is associated with the Sun and light, with warmth, kindness and positivity. Yellow brings clarity to thought, so it is related to intelligence and memory. On the other hand, as the color of gold, it is also associated with wealth and material goods.

Lighting a yellow candle, on the one hand, helps us think more clearly, to use reason and connect with consciousness. This reinforces the security in ourselves. On the other hand, it favors ambition, creativity and makes us more enterprising, seeking to obtain the material goods we desire. It is a useful energy for the professional field.

Meaning of brown candle

The brown color is associated with the earth, and with it the stability and the sense of reality. It is also a color associated with old age, decadence and poverty, so it is not recommended for people who are very sensitive or prone to depression.

Lighting a brown candle helps create an environment of stability in the environment, to connect with our inner world and our fears to face and overcome them. For this reason, brown candles should be used by people with determination and character, who are willing to do an inner work with themselves to help them find meaning to the difficulties they are experiencing. Thus, they will be able to be constant and tenacious in their efforts to move forward.

Meaning of the pink candle

The color pink is associated with romanticism, sweetness, beauty and emotions. Even today, pink is related to femininity and women in general. This is so because of the characteristics associated with color, which have always been qualities most praised in women and worse seen in men. However, these qualities are present in all human beings.

Lighting a pink candle helps to let emotions and feelings flow, and connects us with our most human side. That is why they foster union and friendship among the people around them. As a stimulus of our emotions, and representation of beauty and perfection, they are very useful to promote physical and mental health and well-being.

Meaning of the green candle

The color green is associated with nature and, with it, with fertility, development, growth and hope. The natural is healthy and fresh, it is refreshing and prosperous.

Lighting a green candle attracts the balance of the mind and body, connecting us with nature and our most primitive part. It favors health and well-being, giving us balance and security, as it makes us feel at home. It radiates renewing energy and helps us generate personal growth and development. It is the best color to stimulate the feeling of love and well-being with oneself.

Meaning of purple or lilac candle

Purple is a color associated with the mind and wisdom. It brings balance and serenity to the psyche, as well as capacity for transformation and improvement.

Lighting a purple or lilac candle will stimulate our intelligence, memory and clear our mind, so it is very useful in moments of great concentration, such as study.

It favors the renewal of energy and the liberation of psychological ties, since it helps to establish a very deep connection with our mind and spirit.

Purple or lilac candles attract prestige and power, we feel strong to face the world and seek success. But we must avoid using them in excess, since that feeling of superiority can make us fall into tyranny and arrogance.

Meaning of the black candle

Black is a color associated with despair, darkness and death. It is also a color that is related to elegance, authority and mystery.

Black, unlike white, is the absence of color or light. The union of all the waves of color we perceive as white, on the other hand the absence of waves is the color black: darkness. That's why black has always been associated with many negative aspects.

Lighting a black candle ends bad vibrations and energies. If something or someone hurts us, bothers us or rebels against us, lighting a black candle neutralizes their negativity and helps us to better control the situation.

Meaning of the orange candle

The color orange is associated with positivity, motivation and optimism. It is a very stimulating and jovial color. For many years it was not considered a color in itself, but a mixture between red and yellow. The orange combines the benefits of both and balances them.

Lighting an orange candle, therefore, gives us the strength of red and the clarity of yellow. It attracts positive energies, especially those that push us to create and act, it gives us motivation and creativity. It is very beneficial to lift the mood in times of downturn.

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