Meaning of the flames and the remains of the candles

Meaning of the flames and the remains of the candles

There are many people who want to know how the magic of candles works in their rituals, we are always intrigued by the way they burn, the speed at which they are consumed, whether they "cry" or not, what the remains on the plate mean once the candle is consumed, among other things, that's why today I wanted to bring you varied information about the interpretation of the candles.
Undoubtedly, it is something referential because the first message that comes to us when we see them, depending on our spiritual connection, tells us what it means and where things are going, but at the beginning it serves as a guide and as we develop intuition we will not need to be reading interpretations because you yourselves will know what they are saying to you.
The first thing is to focus on the observation of the flame and ensure that there is only candlelight in the place, we will take a deep breath and formulate the question we want, care must be taken of the air currents that always alter the result.

Guess through the movement of the flames

If the candle moves to the left: It indicates no achievement of facts, projects and ideas. It is a negative response to our question. Indicates setbacks, adversity and discouragement. Lack of love and loneliness.

If the candle moves to the right: Changes and positive events. Reconciliations in love, relationships, couples and families. Improvements in health, promotions, strength and vitality. It is a Yes as an answer to the question.

Zig zag or spiral movement of the flame of the candle: The disturbing zig zag of a candle warns us of the need to maintain a certain caution, especially in relationships with others. It warns the emergence of enemies, of plots and recommends opening the eyes and internalize. Indicates lack of support, in the economy the lack of guarantees.

Guess according to the size of the candle flames

We refer now to the floods and decreases of the flame of the candle, as long as it is something in a natural way, without external agents that interfere.

Increase in the luminosity of the flame: Indicates the presence of energy and warns of the dangers arising from inappropriate associations or bad advice. It suggests again the internalization, the rethinking of projects and circumstances.

Sudden rise of the flame: It is a good omen and makes an indication to a stroke of luck for the client in aspects of his life in which he does not believe too much. Improvements and honors in the labor field and in all aspects.

Sudden rise of the flame followed by a descent: It is a warning position that should be taken into account because it warns us that we must be careful with everything we have achieved, since things, just as they have arrived, can go away. It is symbol of delicate situations and ups and downs. In love it signals ups and downs, it will be better to avoid discussions that do not lead anywhere.

Crepitations and sparks in the candles

Crepitation, when it begins to be more constant than usual, talks about problems especially in the emotional field. If the springs are added to this, they indicate the emergence of errors and failures, both in the achievement of objectives and in relationships.

If there is a lot of smoke when the candle burns

It warns of the arrival of moments of clouding, especially at the mental and perception levels. It is not a good omen.

If the flame of the candle is suddenly extinguished

If we have asked a question, the answer is a resounding NO. Warn of failures, jobs that have been cut and a lot of negativity in place.


There are even methods in which candles are used to read the future, but in the case of the Magic of the Candles, its interpretation will help us to know how our work works, whether something goes wrong or something is going well. The candle represents the human being, the wax to the physical body, the wick to the mind and the flame to the spirit, for that reason through the observation of its evolution when it burns we can see and intuit the results, and having a number Large with full candles and impregnated with our energy, we will also have before us a magnificent book of interpretations.

The shape of its flame, the size, the movements and its color, express different things. But let's go in parts and see their meanings:

• The wax has formed on the sides a mountain of tears.
Meaning: Observing its appearance, many times we can see a virgin or an angelic figure. Positive result.
• The wax has formed pointed shapes on the sides, like thorns (not moons). Meaning: Difficulties, there are energies contrary to our interests.
In the fountain, plate or base, bunches of grapes are formed with the wax. Meaning: Everything is going well. Prosperity. Health.
In the source, plate or base, faces or drawings of animals are observed. Meaning: We have little strength, there is little visualization.
In the fountain, plate or base, whole pieces of candle with moon shapes have been detached. Meaning: If you look at the horns on the left there are forces helping us, soon there will be an answer.
If the horns of the moon look to the right something is preventing our request.
Outside the fountain, plate or base we find pieces of wax.
Meaning: Observe carefully the piece / s, we can guess if what has been detached suggests something positive or negative. In works to combat evil, it is very positive to observe if what is detached represents malignant things, which tells us that we are breaking the evil.

On the other hand, in the normals, the meaning is opposite, if the wax represents the good it means that everything goes well, while if the rest is unpleasant or ugly, something does not work or there are resistances.

The wick despite burning is high.
Meaning: good vibrations, there are forces that help us.
The wick is normal.
Meaning: Slow process.
The wick is very short.
Meaning: Something is wrong, lack energy.
The flame is high.
Meaning: Very positive.
The flame is very small.
Meaning: Negative
The flame sizzles.
Meaning: Something is wrong.
The flame goes out (there does not have to be an air current, never in the room).
Meaning: We must start the ninth again and rethink our objectives.
The flame is blue.
Meaning: The mind of the person we work with receives our message.
The flame is yellow.
Meaning: Lack of energy, the person / s worked do not receive or reject our energy.
The flame is bright and red.
Meaning: Immediate results.
The flame is white.
Meaning: Higher beings come to the aid of the person / s.
The flame contains two colors.
Meaning: To unite the previous meanings.
The flame sizzles.
Meaning: Something is wrong.

These are the most important and common situations and meanings that we can find doing a ritual, request or novena, of course as we learn and know the results, we can add new personal meanings, in this case and as in everything, the experience we will help to know the possible interpretations of the candles.

Sometimes it is possible that the candles burn without expressing anything, wax does not fall and they are consumed in a whole way, the meaning that I usually give is rather negative, but not in relation to the realization of the request, but to my preparation and predisposition in the act, I usually remedy it in the next session (when he replaces the candles). When they are consumed completely without leaving any residue, in my opinion it is necessary to light another one because it was not enough energy to close the petition.

Also in this case the meaning may be that what we are asking for is already resolved or in the process of being resolved-if there is a need, it may be done ritual or novenas.
Other interpretations

Abandonment: The flame burns with weakness and often goes out.
Dejection: It is low and sometimes cries.
To accept: The flame is clear and grows.
Hit: It is clean and increases in size.
Attack: The flame sizzles and sometimes gives off dark smoke.
Ambition: The flame doubles its size. If it is a healthy longing, it is clear.
Ambivalence: Low and oscillating.
Friendship: The fire catches well. It is clear and enlarges if that feeling to be lasting.
Love: The flame takes the first attempt without problems. It will be clear and will rise with strength if it is going to be reciprocated.
Anguish: The candle cries, gives off dark smoke or can sizzle.
Increase: The fire doubles its size, being clear and very bright.
Authorize: It is clear and growing.
Avarice: The flame sizzles, it is consumed quickly and at the tip of the wick some balls of fat accumulate. Sometimes the fire spins in a spiral.
Drink: The candle cries, extinguishes quickly and its flame can give off sparks or smoke.
Benefit: The flame is clean and develops
Wedding: It flies without problems, it doubles its size neatly and you even get to see a brighter tone at the tip.
Goodness: The flame is clear and grows. In the center it acquires a bluish coloration.
Change: The fire is clear and increases in size if the transformation is positive.

The tears of the candles have a meaning and interpretation

It is something more concrete than the previous one, based on the patient observation of the wax of the candle, when one realizes:

Not only pray or perform a ritual and go to rest - it is important to take a time of 20 minutes to see how the candles are burning, to observe it may or may not begin to fall tears what has its meaning, specifically, We look very well at how it is detached while the combustion process lasts. Although the answers take a little longer to occur, their indications and advice are less enriching.

This phenomenon, inherited from the ancient reading of the fat of the torches, is known as the "tear of a candle" or "the weeping of the candle". The spilled drops of wax indicate the energetic condensation of the environmental charges that the candle receives from its surroundings, transformed into drops susceptible of being interpreted, so much so that, depending on how the tear or drop is and where it falls and how Do it, the magician will interpret a query one way or another.

The drops or tears shed by the candles reveal how the ritual or petition we are performing is working.

-Tear to the right: positive solution

-Tear to the left: negative solution

-Tears with changes of direction: the solution is not clear, more support should be sought

-Several tears form a big one: accumulation of conflicting situations, it is advisable to seek support. If it goes later to the right it will be possible to be solved, if it goes to the left no.

-A large tear is divided into several directions: Like the previous one, the problem will be solved, look at the directions.

-Tears descend through the center of the candle: solution to the requests after the conflict.

-Tears fall to the base pausing: there are problems during the process, lack of support.

-The tears fall quickly to the base: Quick solution to problems.

-Tears stopped in the center: We are facing a very fast and concrete response that tells us that the consultant will come to the end of the problems as it will get quick solutions to all pending issues.

Normally a candle takes about four to five hours to be consumed. If we are at home and we are not going to leave, we can let it be totally consumed. If we are in a hurry, we turn it on for a while and when we see that we begin to feel good, we turn it off. The best thing is to take this brief ritual with tranquility, trying to concentrate on the goal we want to achieve. The better we do it, the better results it will give us.

Do not hesitate too much, if we have a minimum of confidence in them, light the right candle will help us to make our good wishes come true. Going to the magic of the candles is a simple and at the same time powerful act that will help us to change what we do not like and to achieve what we expect. If we want, it can be very simple: it's all about lighting a candle.

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